Interactive Screen of the Courthouse

Interactive Design(Business Project)
Interactive Screen of the Courthouse
Role: UI & UX Designer / User Researcher

Keywords: Interface Design, Human-centered Design, User-centered Design, Interaction Technology, Human Machine Interaction, Tangible Interaction


This is a project integrating information display, trial assist and cultural construction. This project has received the demand from Beijing Chaoyang Court to carry out the design work of the court's trial with the auxiliary large screen, and also do external information display on large screen. There were mainly two parts of design in this project which are displaying information on the external places(e.g. corridors and halls), and another system of trial assistant. This project also involved embodied and tangible interaction. This is explained in more detail in the following paragraphs.

Client's Requests

Through the presenting of designed information the screen, and combined with the motion sensing interactive screen, visitors can be familiar with the layout of the court, view the basic information of staff, and learn about recent court cases through the screen information display. Moreover, the design can used to facilitate visitors and external staff to know court review cases. On the other hand, to assist court cases, the Internet of Things (iot) technology was introduced to display evidence on a large screen in a way that court personnel display exhibits by grabbing or holding a representation of the physical exhibit, which could protect certain fragile evidence and display evidence information more clearly.



Certain wireframes of pages had been given by the product manager as shown below.

Lo-fi prototype 1 - the notice page of cases
Lo-fi prototype - the page of Team Composition


Considering the particularity of the project site, that is the court is a more serious and formal place. I accordingly considered dark and cool colors which may more remind people of technology, innovation, and the formality of the court. The design of information display keeps the order of simplicity and consistency.

The introduction page of court officiers
Hi-fi prototype - the notice page of cases

The pages of information display
The pages of data analysis

There is an import function that court officers can hold responding items which represents specific evidence, then the screen would display the specific evidence on the screen in a courthouse. This part(see the video below) mainly set on the courtroom to assist court officers of handling cases.


The creative interactive interfaces can not only play the effect of decoration, but also enhance the sense of science and technology of the site, bringing people unexpected surprises and experience. These kind of design may more let participants take the initiative to share it actively, improve the activity, and increase the exposure rate of the online court.

This project finally implemented in Chaoyang Court, Beijing. Unfortunately, as a UI designer, I left the company before I had a chance to check the final design implementation. But still, this was a very interesting work experience, and I  felt the fun and help brought by interactive technology to users.

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